The PRS Advantage

Why PRS?

Professional Experience - With over 22 years of successful operation in our local community and beyond, we offer a professional, established alternative to improving your cash flow.

Respect - We believe in giving respect to get respect and promote a "compassionate collection approach". This concept applies to both our clients and their debtors.

Collection Professionals - Our collection professionals average 8 years of experience per collector. We do not use temp agency's to staff these positions like some of our competitors.

Multipule Divisions - We have industry specific divisions staffed with collection professionals who are trained and certified yearly in their respective division’s most recent FDCPA standards.
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Account Diversity - No account is too big or too small. We work with many companies locally and around the world. We are happy to provide client references per your request.

Communications and Reporting - Communication and reporting are top priorities here at our firm. We strive to provide the highest degree of visibility for our clients.

Customized Collections - With dozens of programs, we don’t have a “cookie cutter” approach to collections. We customize every approach for every client based on your individual needs.
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Security - We understand identity theft is a major concern in today’s high tech world. We are ISO 17799 certified, providing one of the highest levels of data security in the tri-state area.

Advanced Technology - Powell, Rogers & Speaks uses advanced technology allowing for a scalable, technical infrastructure that is flexible and able to support the growth of our clients. We use the most advanced network monitoring solutions to maximize information security. All network activity is monitored and any attempt to gain access from an unauthorided party is immediately blocked. Powell, Rogers & Speaks also consists of multiple locations with all data backed up to each location offering total redundency in the case of an outage at one of the locations.

Investigations - Powell Investigations was established in 2002. We offer our client the latest in skip tracing technology and practice. If we can’t find them, no one can.

Litigation - We are a collection firm which is different from your typical agency. We have attorneys on staff working for our clients at no extra charge.

Ease of Payment - Utilizing our online portal, debtors can make secure payments with ease. We accept all major forms of VISA, MasterCard and Discover.

No Contracts - We know we are good, so we do not require contracts like many of our competitors. If you like what we do, we believe you will retain our services. We are here to improve your cash flow!

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