Powell, Rogers & Speaks’ collector recovers $79,507.26 on a past due hospital bill and receives bouquet of flowers and thank you letter from the guarantor/patient at payment.

In August 2008, 10 year veteran medical collector/supervisor Misty Kolva of the HalifaxThanks office, collects $79,507.26 in past due hospital medical bills on a single patient that has gone back over a year without payment.  When Mrs. Kolva contacted the guarantor/patient, she was informed that the bills should have been resolved some time ago by her insurance carrier and was having trouble getting the bills resolved.  Mrs. Kolva gathered the information from the guarantor/patient and told her she would assist her in getting these bills resolved.  Through many months of diligent follow through and working with the carrier, she had the bills put through claims review and stayed with the account until the decision was rendered in the patient’s favor which resulted in the payment being recovered.  This left the patient to pay a $150 co-pay which when contacted, was ecstatic and could not thank Mrs. Kolva enough for her months of effort in getting these bills resolved.  The patient immediately forwarded the $150 co-pay along with a large bouquet of flowers with an attached thank you note to Mrs. Kolva, thanking her for her efforts in getting her bills resolved.

All too often in the debt collection business, bill collectors are made out to be the bad guys. In reality our job is to assist the individual owing the obligation in ways of getting the bill paid.  In this case, the insurance carrier was denying payment and attempting to get out of their responsibility and Mrs. Kolva stayed persistent and got the job done.  In the collection world we frequently hear of individuals complaining about the bill collectors. It is rewarding to see someone come out and thank one of our people with such a kind gesture.  Though this is not an every day occurrence, throughout Powell, Rogers & Speaks 19+ year history, we have received many thank you letters and phone calls from individuals in the recovery of outstanding monies. Powell, Rogers & Speaks has developed a “compassionate collection approach” in our methods of recovery of outstanding monies.   In the 19+ year’s history, no individual has ever received a bouquet of flowers with a thank you note for their efforts to collect this money that was overdue.  This an example of how Powell, Rogers & Speaks assists our clients in the collection of their delinquent receivables and shows that our people go the extra mile in working with those owing obligations to try to bring the bill to a paid status.  Powell, Rogers & Speaks would like to thank Mrs. Misty Kolva in her outstanding work in the recovery of these monies. This only goes to show that although our industry is given a black eye by the public so many times, some people owing bills truly appreciate our approach to collecting the outstanding debt.  

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